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AmA with Xfinite

Xfinite AMA Summary with Decentralized Club ✔️

Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Xfinite. 
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Xfinite is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado,continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Xfinite : 👉

Q1. Can you provide a brief introduction to the core team behind Xfinite?

Swaneet Singh is CEO at Xfinite/ Mzaalo. He has a past in investment banking having worked 8 years in Goldman Sachs in their Technology, Media and Telecom team. Subsequently, he joing Eros Investments limited as head of strategy and led significant transactions.
He is co- founder and CEO of Xfinite, there since the very start of the Project in summer 2018.

Vikram Tanna is COO at Xfinite/ Mzaalo, He has a wealth of experience in the media industry having worked for major players such as Viacom, Star and most recently Discovery as head of their Advertising Sales Business.

Myself, Mario Alberto Casiraghi, am the CSO at Xfinite/ Mzaalo. I also have a past in Investment banking having worked 6 years for companies such as Bank of America and RBS in their capital markets teams. I have been in crypto since 2014 and more deeply involved since 2016 when I launched an educational community to teach blockchain and finance ( basically DEFI when DEFI didn’t exist). I moved to crypto full time in 2017 and I am co-founder of Xfinite having been there since 2018.

It’s great!

Really great answer, I think it was pretty clear!

Q2. Can you talk a bit about the innovations Xfinite has brought? are they really necessary for the future? @M_A_Co

Xfinite is innovating the digital media space in many ways that we believe are going to shape how the future of digital media will look like. Firstly, we do not treat our users as commodities, as often done by major platforms, but as partners, including them in the success of our ecosystem both from an economic and community perspective. We achieve that by sharing back to them part of the value they bring to us (time/ attention, social power, data) in the form of tokens. We are basically tokenising attention.
The very nature of bringing this to blockchain allows us to create a layer of transparency on truthfulness of data and engagement levels as well as on how the economy runs just by looking at public data. This significantly disrupts current models where information is held all in one place by dominant companies.
There are many more innovations we are bringing especially to independent talent but for those stay tuned on our community 😉

It really is cool! do not treat users as commodities.

That was a regulation from the beginning?

could you explain the question?

In other words, giving value to users, was it always your priority?

yes absolutely

that has been the cornerstone on which we are building our ecosystem on

that doesn’t happen commonly with conventional digital media, great!

Q3. What is the most significant recent milestone Xfinite has achieved that you are proud to share?

Xfinite was launched in summer 2018, when Swaneet and I basically started from a paper idea.

It has been an incredible journey, from the initial funding of the company to scaling it to over 50 employees today.

I would say that the achievement we can be proud of is the launch of our platform, mzaalo.com, that is already providing FUN to users across south east asia in these difficult times.
Also the partnerships that we have managed to secure, such as Microsoft, Daily Hunt and Spicejet that are significantly increasing our reach as well as over 500 reward partners that allow us to offer our user a complete experience and close the loop in our circular economy

check out our website to see all of our partnerships, including the one with Algorand

It is great that can provide that fun to the Community, and I am sure that it will come soon for the rest of the communities, right?

the platform is free for everyone to use, with access to our content from all over the world. Given the type of content we have we have started pushing the brand in Soutch east asia/ India but we are already pushing in other regions such as MENA and planning for more … but again already today anyone can see our content anywhere, anytime

without a doubt, you could share all your social media with our community!

absolutely, that is the beauty of the blockchain space

networks merge

netwrok effect

🗣 you know DC community, anyone can enjoy the fun of Xfinite networks wtih http://mzaalo.com!!

it does not matter, I will send them, Yes we were stoked to see your partnership article with Algorand, check it out DC community! :


let’s continue with the last question! @M_A_Co?

ready to go

Q4. Is transforming current digital networks the goal of Xfinite for this 2021? or will they need more time?

Firstly, we want to establish ourselves as an agent of change. We not only provide a new way to look at digital media within our ecosystem but we also want to set an example for others to follow (think tesla for the EV industry).

This is our short-medium-long term goal and the very nature of our mission.

Obviously, it is a process (possibly never-ending) where we want to always be pioneering new ways of democratising digital media.

In concrete terms, we have established a new infrastructure to build on, with simple POCs that will demonstrate to the world how powerful our vision is, even with simple tools. We have a very interesting roadmap that sees the release of more and more features always following those principles.

Long story short, our journey has already started and we truly believe we are already transforming the space but our impact will increase exponentially with more adoption and more features….. 2021 is going to be an exciting year

Thanks for the wonderful introduction

🌍 Community ask question by Twitter 👨‍💻

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Twitter question no 1.
Username : @Prettyboy071

How is Xfinite developing? How do you retain users and attract new users to your platform?

Question 1

You can see a lot of our updates if you check the app recurrently and you can see what to expect looking at our roadmap on the website. We have already released a few cool newer features such as Bid N Win for special premium rewards.

We blend traditional acquisition and retention method such as performance marketing to new ones that we can leverage thanks to our tokenised model and the importance of our partnerships with the likes of Daily hunt, spiceJet and others (to be announced soon) that significantly increase our distribution power as they are all 100s millions users.

In terms of retention, our core proposition is quite sticky

free access to premium content, anywhere anytime +

watch — earn — redeem

But we are also creating bespoke campaign for user retention and the newest features that we will release will significantly increase loyalty by gamifying the experience and creating a more social angle to the platform

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Twitter question no 2.
Username : @Ksalom95

You mention that Celebrities and Influencers could make huge profits on Xfinite, but really why would they leave the traditional media that brings them big profits, just for Xfinite?

Question 2

It is not exactly correct to say that we state that Celebrities and influencers can make huge profits on Xfinite.

What we say is that they can access an additional distribution channel (on top and in collaboration to the existing ones) where they can further monetise their content, monetise their brand in new ways (NFTs for example) and create that direct relationship with their fans that everyone will benefit from

In terms of economics, you will just need to look at blockchain data to see that actually the lion’s share of the value will go to the content creators and to users with Xfinite being just an enabler of relationship building — again this is a declination of treating our stakeholders as partners rather than commodities

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Twitter question no 3.
Username : @AugustK95

Your motto is “Redefining the future of digital entertainment on demand”, does that mean that entertainment has problems that have to be changed soon? or what do they really mean?

Hell yea … current digital media models are prone to be disrupted

How data is managed

How economics are distributed

How users are treated

How information flow is often manipulated

How content is delivered in obsolete ways

I can mention so many more …..

You will see from the answer above how we are already changing most of these and how blockchain can significantly help us solve some of them end re establish trust among stakeholders of digital platforms by being able to transparently demonstrate that:

We protect users data

We share with our community

We deliver fun in new engaging ways

We are coming just at the right time to set the example and disrupt the industry. The blockchain industry has matured a lot since I joined the space and I believe that now is the time to make an impact not only within our beautiful community but also for the wider mainstream world

🌍 Community ask question by Website 👨‍💻

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Website question 1.
From : KASG (@KASG95)

Could you explain what you mean by “a next generation media platform to build trust”, what is that next generation? Are they totally new features? or are they the same current ones, only to add one more?

Question 1:

Some of the answers to this questions can be found in my replies above. We are doing both innovation and creation …. But what are most important are the principles we go by and the kind of open, collaborative and rewarding ecosystem that we are building. We are not the first ones to build a rewards economy but we may be the first to tokenise attention and establish a true circular economy.

We are using NFTs in completely new ways (cant say too much now 🙂 ) and we are THE biggest mass adoption focused blockchain project that is coming to market now — in terms of users and partners.

We are bridging the gap between traditional models/ players and innovation to create this new ecosystem where everyone is welcome and in which everyone can benefit

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Website question no 2.
From : Pepensando (@costurera3000)

Can you explain in more detail how users can get rewards through Xfinite/Mzaalo? On average, how much can a user earn by being very engaged?

Question2 :

As of now, we have created algorithms to reward engagement (time/ attention), sharing data and social power ….. you can see the full details of this on our app…. You can see how much you earn for what and how much our current rewards cost.

Our reward algorithm will continue to evolve adding more and more details and behaviours to be rewarded …. Best thing I can suggest is to check out the app to see the status quo and keep following us for release of new features 😉

great answers, I think both questions are raised

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Website question no 3.
From : @Cristubista

Although it has large content creator partners, I consider it essential to promote the inclusion of small creators, as well as small companies that disseminate information or create entertainment content. What short-term economic incentives do you offer them?

Question 3:

That is a very good point/ question. We have kick started our offering with one of the largest and most premium content libraries in the region. This is unique for a start up and allow us to have a huge, premium offering that users can access for free.

However, our journey does not stop there. Firstly, we already have 25+ more content partners on the platform to increase the breath and type of our content offering.

Our goal is tough to become a full entertainment platform where people want to engage in any part of their day. Hence, we are always on the lookout for more talent to generate cool new content (also on this VERY important news soon)

In terms of incentives that we offer to independent content creators 1) we offer them a latform to associate themselves with major brands in terms of content rewards etc and we allow them to have an additional mainstream distribution channel 2) as a result they access a new monetisation channel that is not mutually exclusive to the ones existing but accretive to those 3) we allow them to directly engage with their fan base in completely new ways through the use of — bespoke rewards programmes — branded non fungible tokens basically creating a completely new engagement layer for them to leverage and for users to enjoy.

A lot of updates will be released on this in 2021 and I once again suggest to follow our channels to see what we are doing — hint Decentralised Social Governance

But first, I will share the Xfinite social networks, so that our community can be more informed


1. Wesbite: xfinite.io
2. Instagram: https://instagram.com/xfiniteofficial?igshid=cc8yk5vujkub
3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XfiniteOfficial
4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/XfiniteOfficial?s=09
5. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Xfinite/
6. Telegram: https://t.me/XfiniteOfficialCommunity

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Xfinite ✔

Ruthe Shanahan:
Could you tell us about the Xfinite team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.

See answer to question one — executives of the company and our partners have a long history of executing deals and growth

Kelli Beahan:
Many projects fail because they do not understand their target audience and their customer. And so I want to ask: Who is the most ideal customer for your product?

We already know a lot of our costumers as they previously engaged with the content through our partner Eros now. We are just re targeting and creating new data sets for improving efficiency

Q.What is Xfinite’s strongest advantage to being the market leader? Is it different from competing projects?

More and better content — main stream adoption capabilities — huge partners — large potential user base — forward looking vision

You recently announced #Xfinite your strategic PARTNERSHIP with #ALGORAND. Can you tell us what benefit and values this Partnership brings? Should we also be expecting VALUABLE Partnerships in future?


One of the best tech in the space — gas scalable and truly decentralised…. Our partnership with them is deep and we jointly develop new features on their network

As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?

Yes we will — you can start by engaging in the platform

Ms Crypto:
Can you explain more about “Bid N Win” How can we participate on this?


Check out the app

Patsy Bednar:
How do you see Xfinite progress in 2–5 years?

100s m users — best entertainment app on the media and blockchain space

Are there any plans to expand the ecosystem?
 How safe is your project from bugs

1 yes
2 already happening — see partnerships 
3 we have been on this for 3 years and all of the team is fully committed long term

AyD J:
For Xfinite, who are its competitors in the crypto world and how will it overcome them?

No real competitor — we have more and better content more adoption potential

Best comparables are BAT enjin theta chiliz livepeer

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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