AMA Recap with 0x Nodes

On the 29th of September, 2021 at 10:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Owl from 0x Nodes for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 56,000 people. It was hosted by DC Admin, May.


The session was divided into two segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1 and a Gleam Contest was done in Segment 2.


If you missed this event and would like to know what 0X Nodes is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.



Segment 1 – Introduction



Hello, 大家好, नमस्ते, Selamat!


My name is May and I’ll be hosting the AMA with 0x Nodes.


Today, we have with us a guest from the 0x Nodes Team.






You’re welcome to the Decentralized Club and it’s an honor to have you here.



Thank you, a pleasure to be here



Could you quickly tell us more about yourself and your job description at 0x Nodes?



Yeah, definitely – I’m just a worker helping to deploy our yield aggregation system to the many chains that comprise the EVM network as it exists today



That’s great!


Shall we now take some questions about 0x Nodes?



Yes of course





Q1. Can you tell us about 0x Nodes and the goals that led to the creation?



Yeah definitely – we were frustrated with having to change RPC networks all over the place and were constantly moving assets around between chains. we decided to simplify that experience



That’s really cool!


I can personally relate to this frustration 😅


Q2. What innovative solution are 0x Nodes bringing to topple its competitors with similar offerings in decentralized interoperability?



We are bringing new bridging technology to the table so that users won’t have to move across a spoke network anytime son





Q3. Could you talk about the features of your autonomous kernel?



Yes our kernel accepts multi-asset deposits and then puts those deposits to good work with the rest of the pooled assets for maximum yields





Q4. Could you briefly talk about $BIOS and the utilities?



Yeah $BIOS is our native token utilized to bring rich rewards to the system. it will collect rewards from the entire network resulting in native settlement tokens for the users on any given network



Quite a popular token you have there!


Q5. What are the advantages of Nodes on the Ethereum Network?



The advantage of our kernels being deployed to an EVM is the ability for end-users from any network to interact with the protocols that are live on that network. once we deploy a kernel, then it grows with the TVL on the chain



Oh, that’s great!


I see the decentralized interoperability feature clearly now.



Thank you



Last question for this segment.


Q6. What major news should we still look forward to from 0x Nodes by the end of the year?



We are getting ready to deploy our kernels everywhere




The 0x Nodes webpage is a masterpiece!



Thank you! we have worked long on it



That’s great! You’re welcome.


It’s now time for the Gleam Contest.





Segment 2 – Community Contest



Dear community, $100 USDT will be rewarded to the winners of this contest.


Here’s the link!


All the best!


The contest ends in 15 minutes 🎉


—The community participated in a timed Gleam Contest where questions about 0x Nodes were answered—


Countdown to the end of the contest 🎉












Aaaaaaand it’s a wrap! 🎉


Over to you, Nodes Team 😁



Thank you!



Thank you for your time with us today!


And for the extra twist with the contest!


Dear community, the winners will be announced soon by the 0x Nodes Team 🎉


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to join and ask away 🎉


Until next time, do have a great day!


The AMA with 0x Nodes is now over.




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